Crystal’s Story

While walking down the street one day, a van pulled up to Crystal. Before she knew what was happening, a group of men forced her into the van. In seconds, her life had changed. Crystal was kidnapped and forced into a life of sex slavery. 

Held captive and unable to escape, she was forced to use drugs and repeatedly raped, beaten and tortured by her traffickers. Handcuffed when she slept and frequently held at gunpoint, freedom was a distant thought. She didn't know how she would ever escape.

One day, while with a john, Crystal saw the opportunity to escape.  And so, she ran. Crystal ran for her freedom and was able to escape, but would now live with the fear and terror of her traffickers finding her. She did her best to return to her family and to a normal life, but she was haunted by memories, nightmares and fear.

The trauma of her kidnapping and trafficking left her so broken and afraid that she couldn't even leave her bedroom. So, months later, desperate to find healing, Crystal began searching for help. 

Crystal tried several programs before finding GenerateHope, but nothing fit. Programs that didn’t have therapy or education or that were focused on domestic violence, not sex trafficking turned out to be more damaging than helpful. Exhausted from it all, she says she nearly gave up hope that she would ever receive the help she needed. When she finally arrived at GenerateHope, it took her days to unpack her bag, as she waited for the let down of not being understood. 

Crystal did unpack her bag and put her heart into the program at GenerateHope. She was overjoyed with the education, therapy and a loving team there to support her needs. 

Each day she is working towards her own healing so that she can live in freedom and without fear.  Crystal now takes joy in her classes and therapy groups and is working toward her college education and a career.