From Miscounted to Microsoft

Hello all!

I am writing this from a great place of gratitude, love, and overwhelming joy! I have great amounts of good news to share with you all! I will list them below:


I am mentally and emotionally stable!


I value myself and my beliefs, I now believe the personal bill of rights!

I completed my apprenticeship!


I will be flying to Seattle, Washington in the next two weeks or so for a week to complete training for my new position as an Interview Scheduler for Microsoft!

I completed my first semester back in school last week. I got my final grades back which are: 88% B in English 1101 & 93% in College Algebra! Looking forward to Fall semester starting in just a few weeks!
I am in a healthy place!


Now, all the things that I listed above would not have been possible without EACH & EVERY one of you! When I first came into this program, I was a scared, lonely, timid, traumatized, abused, and neglected caterpillar; broken into many pieces. Not once did any of you judge me, beat me down, or talk bad about me. Instead, you all embraced me with pure, unconditional love. I was shown God’s grace. I was shown forgiveness. I was shown how to love myself, how to set boundaries, how to be the woman that God created me to be. I had moments where I doubted that it was actually true, that I was somebody. But over the past few months, I have blossomed into a full grown butterfly. I have gained my wings and I fly everywhere. It isn’t all perfect and sunshine, I still struggle with some areas such as where my family is concerned or the upcoming pre trial arraignment with a family member in September. I haven’t had any contact with my family in months and the feeling is so great to not have people put me down or hate me. But I no longer let those things control me. I am no longer seeking other’s approval. I am okay with Carey & I understand that Carey is important, loved, and valued! Even on my bad days or my trying times, you all never gave up on me. Through all the tears, heartache, disappointments, and failures, I was always greeted with a hug and a smile.


Dang, I said I wouldn’t cry writing this but the waterworks are here.


I just don’t know how to express to y’all my gratitude for your continuous love and support. Alissa pushed me to challenge myself, to push past my past struggles and pain. After all my trauma, I never imagined I would go back. But I did and boy did I rock it. While working a full time job! ILP has been really supportive as well but I have always been able to pick up the phone and dial one of you and you all picked up. I was nervous about ILP at first, but to have you all by my side very step of this journey has been the greatest feeling. I still have some time left in ILP, but I am striving to keep growing and maturing into the beautiful young woman that I was born to be! I am surrounded by nothing but genuine, supportive, loving, kind, and phenomenal women! I am a little sad that I am graduating the program but this is such a great accomplishment and I want you all to know that this is only the beginning!!! I, Carey am a force to be reckoned with… Future lawyer, future advocate, future world changer!


And to think this journey started almost a year ago when I interviewed with RHH, and then ended up hearing about ELA. And the journey was in motion that day that Alissa came and got me and drove me across the city to Randstad. And from that day, my life has been forever changed.

-By *Carey, Program Participant of ELA & ILP Programs