Growth At Sarah’s House

We are excited to report that Sarah’s House has two new residents. The addition of these new girls has brought the house total up to eight, and one past resident is still actively connected to Sarah’s House through our Community Based Care program. The staff is thrilled that our beds are being filled and they are enjoying the challenges of having a nearly full house.  A fun pattern we have seen developing is that most often when new girls arrive, the most recent “sister” is the first to step up and welcome.  It is pure joy to see the girls stabilize and heal in the love and care of the staff at Sarah’s House.


In other news surrounding our long-term residents, our most senior girl has moved into the role of an in-house mentor. We are encouraged to see how this relationship will serve in the healing process of our new residents as well as assist in developing this young mentor. She has expressed a desire to maintain a relationship with the Sarah’s House community by returning as a volunteer after she fully reintegrates from the program.

Another resident has recently passed her entrance exam and will begin Bible college soon. As the other girls plan and dream about their vocational goals, we’ve provided psychological testing to identify each girl’s cognitive abilities, strengths, and interests. This has served as a point of encouragement for them as they are gaining more confidence in their areas of strength.


We are also continuing to see progress in our program development, which fosters and encourages the strong community we have in the shelter. This then will assist in contributing to stronger and healthier relationships not only in the shelter, but amongst families, and in the community.