Meet Lanie

It is an honor seeking to join the journey of healing with the ladies who do and will enter through the doors of Redeeming Joy.


Personally, as a second generation survivor of sex trafficking, I am in awe each and every day to see how God has redeemed my life; not wasting a single moment. It is because of my story of healing, restoration, and this journey God still has me on, that I can speak with confidence that our God does redeem, restore and loves like crazy.


Over the years, God faithfully has brought women into our family to speak His life and truth into. One of the greatest women that God brought into my life was my mom.  God gave me the greatest honor in 2002 by allowing me to help rescue my mom out of the life and help her in her journey towards freedom, healing and wholeness. We have never had all the answers, but we know and trust who does; and we love leading them Him who is the holder of all truth.


The vision of Redeeming Joy commenced a few years ago when my husband and I began volunteering for a ministry, which rescued sex trafficked women and helped find placement for them. It was during this time of volunteering, we saw the great need for a safe place of healing that offered integrated services for these women. It was through this experience where God gave us a specific vision for Redeeming Joy.


Our hearts, along with those of our staff and cherished volunteers who embrace and believe in the vision and mission God has burdened our hearts with, we're looking forward to the many precious lives that God will allow us to live life with so they experience God's desire for redemption and restoration.


- Lanie George

  Founder and President, Redeeming Joy