Sajala’s Story

Imagine having nowhere to send your children while you worked. There is no daycare available, and taking time off is not an option. You simply have to find a way to work with your children there with you, in your small, cell-like room.

That was the case for Sajala’s mom. She was forced to work, but didn’t have anywhere to take her 3-year-old. So little Sajala had to sleep under the bed while her mom worked.
Sajala’s mom is a sex slave. She worked in that very room while Sajala slept on the floor.

As horrible as this is, it’s a scenario all too common in India’s red-light district. Sex slaves do not have the luxury of childcare, nor are there separate living and working quarters. The children are simply there in the midst of this darkness.

And if children like Sajala remain in this environment, there is a 95 percent chance they will be enslaved there the rest of their lives as well.

Sajala’s mom held little hope for her daughter’s future.

When As Our Own discovered the desperation of Sajala’s situation, we immediately asked to rescue her from this environment. Over many meetings and with much labor, Sajala was finally rescued out of the red-light district and came to live with us.

Over the years, as Sajala has grown, so has her confidence and joy. She is secure in her place with us as part of our family. This assurance has helped her thrive both socially and academically—she has many friends and is at the top of her class in school.

This is a life she would have never known if she had stayed with her mother in the brothel.

Lives are being transformed like Sajala’s with support from our faithful partners. As you stand in the gap for the vulnerable of India, more children like Sajala can have a new life—with a future and a hope.