Sophorn’s Story


Sophorn grew up in a broken home where the vacuum of a father figure left her at great risk for trafficking.  Sophorn’s mother worked hard for their survival, but Sophorn saw her mother’s exhaustion and wanted to take care of her.  


When she was only 14 years old, Sophorn fell for a scheme of a good job in a restaurant and she was trafficked to a brothel on the Thai border. 


Life in the brothel was a terrifying experience for this girl who had been very protected and loved through her life.  Sophorn made friends with the other girls at the brothel and they taught her how to medicate the pain through drinking alcohol.  Many of them were addicted


When Sophorn was able to finally call an older brother to help her get out of the brothel, he facilitated her rescue financially and brought her home.  to drugs.


It was obvious to Sophorn’s family that she was suffering from great trauma and in seeking help for her authorities helped them place her with Rapha House.  Within the first week of living at the safe house, a series of medical tests proved that Sophorn was pregnant from rape at the brothel. 


Although abortion is very common in Cambodia, Sophorn made the difficult choice to give birth to this baby whom is known as Princess Sarah.  


Sophorn’s trafficking story is incredibly painful, but her journey to healing has also been marked with joy.  This is a young woman who is inspirational to anyone who comes into contact with her.  Sophorn has a powerful voice as an anti-trafficking advocate and she desires to one day be a trauma counselor for other girls who have endured sexual exploitation.  


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