The Little Things

At the Porch Light, we receive “ah” moments from time to time. Those moments that are reminders of the “little things”, and the impact they can have. Recently, one of those moments came, when one of our girls was staying close to our supervisor, Ma’Keba, who happened to be working in the home this day. Ma’Keba sensed this young lady just needed to be close. She followed Ma’Keba around, as she carried out some duties in preparing the home for an internal inspection (peer review). She began to open up about herself and her life. As the two made it around the home to her bedroom, she shared with Ma’Keba how much she loved her room and exactly what it meant to her. Her bedroom was decorated in pink, black and white with a flower-swirl-print theme. She shared that pink was her favorite color. Then she went on to say that she had never had a room like this. At her home before, she was given a box spring just lying on the floor and a broken dresser that could not even hold her clothing. No decorations. Nothing warm, inviting or comfortable. Not a “girly room” like she has now. This picture she painted was in stark contrast to what she has been provided at The Porch Light. She shared that her room is so nice and that she feels comfortable and SAFE!

While this may seem like a “little thing” to most of us, this was indeed a big thing to this child. The simple act of having a nice, comfortable, “girly” room that made her feel normal made such an impact. Most importantly, it helped her feel safe! She also revealed that her room at home before was a big reason why she starting running away and kept running away. Since coming to The Porch Light and experiencing the care that goes into every detail – including her nice, comfortable, “girly” room, she doesn’t have the desire to run.