The WellHouse: Resident Testimonials

N2GIVES is proud to partner with The WellHouse, an organization who seeks to rescue, provide resources, and give opportunities to victims of sex trafficking. Read the stories of five incredible women who have graduated from their program:


When one’s earliest memories center on ritualistic satanic abuse at the hands of those who should protect the most, your mother in particular, it can take a lifetime to overcome.  Add being sold by your mother as a teenager, and it becomes next to impossible to find restoration. Valerie’s story is one such story of “familial pimping” where family sells their children, usually to support a parent’s drug habit. The trauma that Valerie has suffered and the depth of healing that she needs seems to be out of reach, however, by God’s grace as He empowers the staff and supporters of The WellHouse, Valerie is making progress daily in her recovery. She longs to one day minister to others who are hurting.


Karen is a perfect example of the fact that trafficking happens in all socioeconomic and educational levels.  She looks like she could belong to any one of us with her beautiful hair, lovely smile and likeable personality.  Karen became involved in the world of human sex trafficking and drug use while in college. Her friends turned out to not be her friends after all, but, people who were willing to use her to achieve their selfish desires.  Fortunately, Karen was rescued and made her way to the WellHouse, participated in all the programming, educational opportunities, and counseling and recently graduated!  Karen could be any of our daughters!


“My birth mom was my pimp and it all started when I was 3 years old and lasted until I was 6 years old”! This statement was made by a new WellHouse rescued young lady to one of the staff members. She went on to describe how she and her siblings were in and out of foster care due to their mother’s drug use and abuse. However, they were always returned to their mother. Abigail’s routine when she was at home with her mother was to not go outside very much, and she was forced to always wear long sleeves and shoes and socks to keep the bruises covered; bruises she obtained from being forced to do the unthinkable to support her mother’s drug habit.  She has expressed her intense love for being in the safety of The WellHouse and being in the country away from the environment where she suffered so much pain!


This precious young lady has repeatedly expressed pain due to her mother’s drug overdose and death.  Being without family, she spiraled out of control and sought love and care from the wrong people. She was introduced to drugs and was trafficked by people who used her to support their habit. She had two children, but lost custody when she was charged with “prostitution” and had to go to jail.  Society still does not understand trafficking; we still fail to look at the reality of the force, fraud and coercion that a young lady suffers, which is the very definition of trafficking. Had this been done, law enforcement would have rescued Brenda instead of charging her. She was told about The WellHouse while she was incarcerated and she is a resident and doing very well. Her goal is to remain clean from drugs and regain custody of her children. The staff and volunteers at The WellHouse are committed to helping her reach these goals.


Susan has a fabulously positive attitude even with all the suffering she has experienced. Like so many of our rescued ladies, Susan suffered abuse and neglect as a child: her mother used drugs and her stepfather beat both Susan and her mom. Eventually, he murdered her mother, and, at the age of 15, she met and married a man who introduced her to drugs. She eventually left that situation and entered a relationship where she was both beaten and trafficked.  Today, after being at the WellHouse for 3 months, Susan expresses that she is finally finding herself.  She describes The WellHouse as an amazing program where she is receiving the tools to allow her to grow and regain her life. She is not fearful of having to go back to another state to testify against her trafficker because she strongly believes that The WellHouse will support her and that this is her home!

To learn more about The WellHouse, visit their website.