I've prayed for years Kingdom UNITY!

Sometimes, we share specific answers to prayer that are easy to measure and simple to visualize.  They close a chapter or reach a goal.  But today, we are sharing an answer to prayer that, while long-standing and specific, is also so broad and so ground-shifting that it truly is a launching point.  


From our Executive Director, Tiffany, after her recent trip:

"Just a few weeks ago, I returned from Cambodia after ten days of what I think was one of the most important times for our ministry.  

"As I watched the scene in the photo above, I literally watched prayers being answered.  From the beginning, I have envisioned collaborative and Kingdom-building relationships rising from Cambodia, not just between the Western world and Cambodia but within the country. In this picture, one of our program directors ministered to and led worship for another partner's school children. This is Kingdom building in action, and we continue to pray that the poverty mindset that is so prevalent changes to one of encouraging, giving, and sharing excitement about God's impact.  

"This issue is a world-wide problem: Christian ministries maintain a secular mindset with a competitive nature for dollars, volunteers, or claims to 'good works.' This approach does not allow God to be in control and walks a very fine line of pride before downfall.  It's the opposite of what I witnessed.

"I've prayed for years Kingdom UNITY! Seeing this, and experiencing what you read in this month’s newsletter, is humbling.  And I am amazed by it."