N2 Publishing Continues to Fight Human Trafficking in Second Year of Philanthropic Program

A mother – trafficked to the United States – desperate to reunite with her young daughter. A 15-year-old sold by a parent to a brothel in Thailand. A girl enslaved at 13 years old in Washington.

Hearing these kinds of accounts is what drew the leaders of N2 Publishing to create the N2GIVES initiative last year. Now in its second year, the company plans to expand the program's footprint by donating more, and by extension, reaching a greater number of people in need.

To achieve that goal, they are asking for applications by Aug. 1 from nonprofits that focus on combating human trafficking. The call for submissions goes to organizations that directly provide services in areas such as prevention, outreach, rescue, justice and restoration. Recipients will be announced in January.

Wellspring Living was one of 36 nonprofits to benefit from more than $2 million in donations during the inaugural year of N2GIVES. The organization received $40,000.

"It is absolutely amazing to think that N2 would invest in the work with survivors and those at risk," said Mary Frances Bowley, founder and executive director of the Atlanta-based organization. "It has certainly impacted the work that we do."

Tackling the issue of human traffic can often seem daunting. According to recent studies, there are more than 21 million victims of this growing global problem. But for Duane Hixon and Earl Seales, co-founders of N2 Publishing, this makes their passion for the cause that much greater.

"This is the perfect partnership: some organizations need money to do their work, and others, like N2, generate money as a result of their work," Hixon said. "To fight human trafficking, it takes people who are willing to go, and people who are willing to send. Everyone can play a part, and our role for now is clear... We are going to send as many as possible into those areas where human trafficking is ignored."

Nonprofit organizations interested in receiving a donation can fill out an application at http://www.n2gives.com/contact/.

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Originally published on prweb.com, July 5, 2017.