An Update from The Porch Light

An encouraging update from one of our partners, The Porch Light, whose mission is to provide a "safe home" to child victims of domestic sex trafficking. Included are several incredible milestones they have achieved and two stories from their staff members. Read on below:

Thanks to your support, young girls ages 12-17 continue to find rest and healing at The Porch Light Safe Home, located at an undisclosed location in Central Florida and registered with the Witness Protection Program. Your love is changing lives.

To our friends at N2 Publishing, thank you for your support of The Porch Light and for joining us in the fight to end sex trafficking. Your commitment to freedom for all is an outpouring of God’s love and we are so grateful to stand alongside you in this important work.


  • In 2016, The Porch Light became the FIRST certified safe home in Florida.
  • Staff have trained and educated at 40 events in 2017 with 11,433 impacted
  • 359 hours of volunteer service provided
  • Safe Home residents have engaged in various community outreach events including feeding the homeless, visiting nursing homes and assisting with church events
  • Provided training and awareness to Pregnancy Care Centers, pastors, law enforcement and University students


After speaking at a local school for girls on the subject of human trafficking, a young teenage girl came forward after all of her classmates had left the room. The young girl, with her head down and looking to the floor, said, "My mama gave me away….My mama gave me away for drugs." This young teenager reported she was given away from ages 6-12 and defined “given away” as given to people for sex in exchange for drugs. She had been sexually exploited to support her mother’s drug addiction. The young girl then asked about The Porch Light and if girls there had had similar experiences. I relayed "yes they had" stating other girls have experienced similar situations. The child, lifting her head, looking me in the eye responded: "I thought I was the only one." Through this educational training, this child recognized she had been trafficked and victimized by her mother. For the first time, she understood other children have experienced this same abuse; she was not alone. The child reported she no longer had anything to do with her mother and was safe. The school was informed of the information for services and follow-up counseling.

 - Michele Newsome, The Porch Light Director

Recently, following a Sunday morning church service, one of our residents approached the youth pastor and expressed the desire to speak with him. He asked if she would come back that evening and he could speak with her then. Walking to the car, she was quiet and seemed disappointed. One of our coaches, Ms. Kathi, asked if she was OK. She cried out, “I just want to be saved!” Ms. Kathi told her, “We can do that right now!” She led this young lady through the process of accepting Christ right there in the church parking lot. She then asked, “How will I know I am saved?” Ms. Kathi continued to speak truth and assurance to her. They were able to follow up that evening with the youth pastor. We are thrilled God has answered our prayers and she accepted His call! Also…that same weekend, another one of our young ladies accepted Christ! Much like the story of the Ethiopian Eunuch in the Book of Acts, this young lady was reading her Bible one evening. Suddenly she got up and threw her Bible in the trash. When our coach asked her what was wrong, she responded, “I just don’t understand any of it!” She was clearly frustrated. Our coach stopped everything to sit down with her and explain what she had been reading. She was able to share the Gospel with her, and this young lady accepted Christ that evening! We are so grateful for God’s transforming power at work in the lives of his children.

- Vickie Belcher, The Porch Light Administrator

N2GIVES is so proud of the incredible work The Porch Light is doing in the fight against human trafficking. Please visit their website for more information about what they do, and how you can help.