Recipient Highlight: Wellspring Living

About the Nonprofit

To Live and Dream Again.

It's that simple; that's what we want for every victim of sexual exploitation. And to make this a reality for so many sexually-exploited women, Wellspring Living was created. In short, Wellspring Living provides residential and community-based transformative care for girls and women at risk or victimized by sexual exploitation.    

How N2GIVES Helps

As a 2018 N2GIVES partner, Wellspring Living is able to use our donation to provide for life-giving counseling services for girls and women who have experienced horrific trauma. This evidence-based trauma therapy is provided weekly for each participant. Family therapy is provided twice a month -- a way to bring healing to the whole family. In addition, our donation will help provide daily group therapy, addressing issues like healthy relationships, substance abuse, coping skills, survivor-led skill building, and spiritual exploration.

We are so proud to partner with Wellspring Living. Through their hard work, we're able to give the gift of living and dreaming to girls and women who, at one time, felt forgotten.