Finding the Right Ministry: Mike M.'s Love Justice Story

When someone learns about the horrors of human trafficking, it’s difficult – if not impossible – to forget. For Mike Maletich, this moment of awareness occurred around the time his daughter was born seven years ago. Fueled with love and responsibility for her, he knew he couldn’t, and wouldn’t, sit back while people around the world still sold human lives as a business.

“For the past few years, the Lord was calling me to be involved but I was waiting for the right time and the right ministry to come along,” said Mike, an N2 Publishing Area Director based in Pennsylvania.

Luckily, he connected with an organization that really called to him – Love Justice International. LJI works in many places, including India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and South Africa, to intercept victims before they are sold and trafficked. And through the Dream School and children’s homes, the ministry also cares for children who have been cast aside and are vulnerable to exploitation.

In October of 2017, Mike packed his bags and left the States – but not for a relaxing, beach-side vacation. He spent 13 days in Nepal with LJI’s Executive Director and his wife, Doug and Shirley Dworak, visiting the Dream School and children’s homes and meeting the American staff. Then, he visited the border – a moment he’ll never forget. Mike witnessed first-hand the ministry’s impactful work on the ground.

Love Justice staff are highly trained to notice signs of possible trafficking within the 30 transit monitoring stations they operate at important border crossings and hubs. When they pick up on something questionable, they initiate a conversation with the victim. A red flag during this initial conversation leads to isolating the victim from her trafficker (if present) for separate questioning. If this further reveals signs of intent, the victim’s family is contacted and, when warranted, law enforcement is called to deal with the trafficker. To date, LJI’s procedures have intercepted 12,000 potential victims.

“Needless to say, it was a life-altering experience,” Mike said. “I am so passionate about the organization and, Lord willing, I hope to make this trip something I do every year.”

Mike’s direct, hands-on work with Love Justice International isn’t the only way he’s contributing to the fight against human trafficking. A six-year veteran of N2 Publishing and one of the company’s most successful Area Directors, he’s played a big role in helping to grow revenue year after year. And this directly affects N2’s fight against human trafficking.

As a company, N2 has committed 2% of annual revenue to nonprofits whose main goal is to end modern-day slavery, LJI included. So, the hard work put in each day by N2 Area Directors, like Mike, allows for the company to have a greater hand in the freeing and restoring of victims’ lives.

“I love what the company does through N2GIVES to fight the greatest injustice of our generation,” Mike said. “I’m now more motivated to work to the best of my ability so that I might be able to give financially, and also give my time wherever it’s needed.”