Recipient Highlight: Exodus Road

Meet The Exodus Road! They fight human trafficking by gathering evidence, utilizing technology, supporting locals, and facilitating rescue missions. They have an effective strategy  – and it's working. 

Sons and daughters will be trafficked tonight: bought, sold, abused, and enslaved. We’re on a mission to find and free them.
— The Exodus Road

When asked how to fight human trafficking, The Exodus Road's answer is Search & Rescue. Their Search & Rescue teams are comprised of trained experts who gather evidence of human trafficking and facilitate rescue missions.

Funding from N2 Publishing fuels The Exodus Road’s targeted focus: intervention in human trafficking that rescues victims and leads to the arrest of traffickers and johns. Specifically, N2 Publishing’s support assists The Exodus Road to vet, train, fund, and equip operatives to collect evidence of trafficking and then work with police to bring freedom. The funding also supports victim services throughout the rescue and transition process.

Lastly, the support from N2GIVES helps The Exodus Road educate thousands through targeted campaigns, both online and at public and private events, as well as train national leaders to fight human trafficking in their own countries.

We are so thankful for our partnership with The Exodus Road and love hearing the always-rising number of survivors rescued and offenders arrested.