Recipient Highlight: NYC Restore

Thousands of women in New York City are not free. Restore NYC seeks to end sex trafficking in New York and restore the well-being and independence of foreign-national survivors. And leveraging their learnings in the City, they train partners across the country for maximum impact.

Restore NYC 1.png

1. Identify


2. Serve     3. Measure     4. Train

N2GIVES' contribution to Restore fuels their direct work with survivors of sex trafficking in New York and helps Restore equip partners across the country. Restore's partnership with N2GIVES furthers their capacity to live out their four-step strategy: 

  1. IDENTIFY victims of trafficking through Human Trafficking Intervention Courts, law enforcement, and non-profit partners.
  2. SERVE survivors through trauma counseling, safe housing, case management, job training, and placement.
  3. MEASURE impact to evaluate what works and what does not to always improve outcomes for the survivors they serve.
  4. TRAIN law enforcement and service providers across the country to effectively identify victims and serve survivors.