Recipient Highlight: Seattle Against Slavery

Seattle Against Slavery (SAS) is a grassroots coalition working to mobilize its community in the fight against sex and labor trafficking. This organization works to prevent trafficking before it starts, identify and connect victims with resources, and make sure survivors have the support they need to move on with their lives!

This year in Seattle, 300–500 girls and boys will be bought and sold.
— YouthCare

Seattle Against Slavery has adapted and introduced Trafficking Prevention for Schools to Washington high schools. Based on the Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation curriculum, it is the first of its kind and works to empower young men and women to become allies in the fight against human trafficking.

Trained SAS facilitators volunteer their time to deliver four 45-minute sessions and create a safe environment for participants to discuss healthy relationships, violence prevention and both social and personal responsibility.

SAS will use the funds from N2GIVES for its groundbreaking prevention programs using technology, social media, and youth education to keep people from being exploited in the community. We're proud to support the wonderful work they do!