Recipient Highlight: Freedom's Promise

Freedom's Promise is made up of agents of restoration. The organization exists to bring freedom to the oppressed. They believe in a world where individuals never own the heartbreaking story of human trafficking.

We’re on a mission to move people from vulnerability to thriving as we restore communities and prevent human trafficking.

Freedom's Promise works to end child slavery and human trafficking in Cambodia. Their unique avenue is to work with the local church -- with local people passionate to see their own communities transformed. A vision of safe places, whole communities, freed people and nothing less.

The organization, founded in 2007, was called to fight human trafficking in Cambodia from a prevention angle. Many non-governmental organizations (NGOs) already worked in Cambodia to rescue and rehabilitate victims; Freedom’s Promise would instead stand as a front-guard to keep people from ever becoming victims.

The Freedom’s Promise story is really about a group of heroes – supporters who desire to see lives transformed; Cambodian leaders who are bringing life to their communities; the overcomers they serve who are full of hope; and God, who relentlessly pursues and restores.

With the help of N2GIVES and others, Freedom’s Promise has seen an initial decrease in the trafficking risk in some communities by as great as 65% to less than 10%.