Recipient Highlight: Convergence Resource Center

Convergence Resource Center (CRC) is a faith-based organization that walks alongside survivors as they rebuild their lives, empowering them to help others and join the fight.

Denise ran away from home to escape sexual abuse... and a trafficker was waiting.  She was able to escape from her trafficker when he was killed.  Like so many victims, she's worked hard to regain her sense of self.

I’m starting to feel like a human being again.
— Denise, now a program facilitator for at-risk youth

Carolyn was a victim of a romeo trafficker.  He made her believe that he loved her, psychologically coercing her into the commercial sex trade.  Today, she is the only survivor in the city of Milwaukee certified as an ETG Facilitator, psychologically walking survivors out of the commercial sex trade. 

Since CRC opened its doors, they have helped over 400 women by providing assistance with education, housing, medical support, clothing, AODA support, and parenting support!

Working directly with survivors on a daily basis, CRC realized that providing physical safety alone left a big gap in victims' healing.  To combat this, the organization has developed a very unique set of services to deal with the psychological effects of being trafficked. 

Many victims of human trafficking have Stockholm Syndrome which will often lead them back to their trafficker or to ‘the life.’ The long-lasting aftermath of their lived experience leaves them with PTSD, Dissociative Identity Disorder, nightmares, flashbacks, and so on. 

Many of them also have the Hero Complex with a strong desire to help other survivors. CRC has seen tremendous results with their Trauma Recovery Package which provides a customized selection of services that lead to healing and wholeness. One of the most comforting things they've witnessed is how one survivor can minister to another.

With N2GIVES's donation, CRC is equipping more survivors to help others as they are rescued from human trafficking! But CRC doesn't just focus on female victims. They know more needs to be done.

We realize that human trafficking is a supply-and-demand business so we will use part of the N2GIVES gift to continue training men to speak to other men against the use of the commercial sex trade.