Meet Karin: N2GIVES Coordinator

Enjoy this Q&A with Karin Sasser, our wonderful program coordinator for N2GIVES!

Q: Why do you feel called to work for this giving program?

Around eight years ago, I read a book called The Hole in Our Gospel by Richard Stearns, the president of World Vision. It opened my eyes to social injustices around the world. After reading it, I felt like now that I was no longer ignorant to these injustices, I needed to act on my new knowledge but didn't know what to do. Not too long after that, I heard Christine Caine (founder of A21) talk about human trafficking. Again, I felt like I wanted to do something but was unsure what. I spent a lot of time just learning more about human trafficking and praying about what God wanted me to do. After a long while, I had the opportunity to travel to Nepal with my church and Love Justice, an anti-trafficking non-profit organization, and eventually I was offered the job with N2 Publishing’s charitable program N2GIVES.

Q: What is the best thing about your specific role as the N2GIVES Coordinator?

The best thing about my role is learning about and talking to so many organizations on the front lines making a difference in the problem of human trafficking. It is so encouraging to see all the different ways people are using their gifts, skills, and passions to tackle this issue and make an impact. Even better is being able to tell the ones we have selected that they will be receiving funds from us!

Q: What is the most challenging part of your job?

There are so many great organizations, but we can't financially support them all. Choosing the final recipients isn't easy for our team. It hurts every time I have to tell an organization they have not been selected for funding from us.

Q: How did this role come about?

Duane and Earl both have a heart for helping those at risk or involved in human trafficking. Once they decided to give 2% of N2's revenue to fight the cause, they needed to hire someone to manage it the initiative. Duane actually offered the job to a friend of mine first but she had just recently taken a different job. She kindly passed my name along… and here I am today.

Q: Looking into the future, what do you hope N2GIVES will achieve?

My hope is that through funding great organizations that are effective in what they do, we will truly make a difference in the problem of human trafficking. The big dream is that we will have been a part of making the prevalence of human trafficking negligible in our lifetime.

Q: Is there a particular story you've heard from one of our recipients that really strikes you? 

Human trafficking is such a dark, depressing problem that often seems unfathomable. However, the one common theme in all the stories I hear from our partners is hope – and not just hope for the future, but hope for the here and now. The problem is huge but what was once hidden is coming to light. People are standing up for justice, speaking for the voiceless, and providing healing for the broken. Victims are being rescued and becoming survivors, and traffickers are being arrested, prosecuted, and convicted. A difference is being made.

Q: What is it about our giving program that has allowed such a big impact for the nonprofits we partner with?

Our hope is that by helping to fund organizations, they can spend less time fundraising and more time doing what they do best – the actual work of the organization. We also help to spread the word about their work in hopes of gaining support for them from a wider array of people.