Jason Pattee: Why We Help

Jason Pattee is an N2 Publishing Sales Director in Ohio. He nominated the anti-trafficking charity Remember Nhu to be an N2GIVES recipient. We are proud to have partnered with Remember Nhu for the last two years! Below is a Q&A with Jason about his thoughts on the Remember Nhu organization and why he, as a business owner, makes supporting local nonprofits a priority.


Q: What is it about Remember Nhu's story or purpose that strikes you? Why did you nominate this organization for our N2GIVES partnership program?

Hearing about Remember Nhu was the first time I was exposed to the very real and very large reality of human trafficking.  It broke my heart to hear of these girls being sold into slavery in many cases on purpose by their families, sacrificing one to try and save the others. The individual who started Remember Nhu was a successful business owner who used his success to help others and that resonated with me. I simply want to use the gifts God has given me to help how I can.

Q: When did you first hear about N2GIVES, and what was your reaction upon hearing that N2 helps fight human trafficking?

I first heard about N2GIVES a couple of years ago. When I heard the fight was against human trafficking, I thought about Remember Nhu right away and reached out to them to initiate an investigation. In fact, Earl Seals and his family took a trip to Indonesia and visited a Remember Nhu facility so it seemed to be an ordained partnership.

Q: Why is it important to you to promote charities at your N2 events?

I’ve promoted charities at N2 events because it seems like a logical and practical way to bring attention to these much-needed organizations. I also know many of my residents are looking for ways to use their finances in a meaningful way. It also brought more value to our events so they were about more than just residents connecting and bringing exposure to businesses, which are both very valuable ideals. But it simply added another layer of purpose to our events and leveraged the power of what N2 does.

Q: How did it make you feel to be able to donate money towards building a well at a Remember Nhu location?

It felt good of course to donate to the building of the well, but my wife and I feel giving of our resources is something we should be doing and, honestly, can be doing much better. Luke 12:48 says that “to whom much is given, much is required.” We take that seriously and feel it’s our responsibility to pass on a portion of the gifts God has blessed us with. Our purpose here on Earth isn’t about us so the abundance we’ve been given isn’t either. I believe God brought us to N2 for much more than the prospering of our family, so we try to do the best we can to pass on the blessings we’ve been given.