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Human Trafficking and the Case for Empathy

Human Trafficking and the Case for Empathy

Written by Freedom's Promise, a Partner of N2GIVES

Before I begin, I want to prepare the reader that this article will cover some intense imagery pertaining to the nature of modern slavery. It would be a disservice and an insult to every victim of human trafficking for me, or anyone, to curtail, or diminish the heinousness of what they have and are enduring. By watering down the truth, we may never fully understand even the slightest percentage of the pain, suffering, and horror that victims and survivors experience – even an article such as this will always fall short.

Looking for Light

This post was written by Kent Hammerstrom, a Freedom’s Promise Board Member, during his first visit to Cambodia.

Writing from my hotel room in Siem Reap on the last day of our trip to Cambodia, I am reflecting on the visit, grateful to God for having led me here. For a variety of reasons, I had almost not gone forward as a member of the mission team. After praying for weeks for guidance, and being encouraged by the prompting of the Holy Spirit and our Freedom’s Promise leadership, I joined the team. It proved to be a life-changing experience.