Sangita's Story

From a small community in Nepal, Sangita lived with her loving husband, Guna, and their precious four-year-old daughter, Alpa. The family resided on a tiny patch of land, less than 10,000 square feet. This amount of land is far too small to consider farming, and the community offers few other job opportunities. With no financial options, the concerned parents were unable to put Alpa in school. Like most mothers, Sangita loved her daughter so much that she would do anything to give her the best possible life. It is for this reason that Sangita decided to travel to the Middle East to find work, as many girls from her community had done.

"I heard from girls in my village how wonderful the Middle East was. My husband couldn't stop me. I was going to earn money for our family."

When Sangita told her husband about her decision to find work in the Middle East to support their tight-knit family, he begged her not to leave. Guna had a gut feeling that his wife would be in grave danger if she left. Even with his pleas, Sangita had already made up her mind and began her journey abroad.

In a neighboring village, Sangita met a man and woman who claimed to specialize in helping girls travel to the Middle East. The pair told her how they could help her earn money and create a better life for Alpa. They talked about the big city of Delhi and how much Sangita was going to love it there. They filled her with such hopes and dreams of a perfect, new life for her family—little did she know that it was all an elaborate scam.

"They told me about the big city and how much I would love it. They filled me with hopes and dreams of a perfect, new life for my family."

The pair warned Sangita that the trip across the border would be difficult, but they assured her they had it under control. To make the trip, however, Sangita would have to first fly to Sri Lanka, and then continue on to Kuwait.

When Sangita arrived in Sri Lanka, she was introduced to a man named Rajan Adhikari. At this time, she had no idea that this man was one of the biggest trafficker’s FFLI and PRC have ever encountered. Adhikari is part of an elaborate trafficking system that claims to be responsible for the trafficking of over a thousand girls from Nepal each year.

When Sangita’s traffickers attempted to get her into Kuwait, the immigration station deported her back to Nepal because she was unable to answer the proper questions. Thankfully, after 15 days of living at her traffickers’ mercy, Sangita was able to return home.

"I am furious at all I had to endure, and I am directing that fury towards making a difference for at-risk girls."

Once back in Nepal, Sangita was furious about all she endured and decided to make a difference for at-risk girls in Nepal. She contacted PRC, explained her story, and chose to press charges against all of her traffickers. Because of her strong will, Sangita was able to assist PRC in finding the location of these criminals, leading to Rajan’s arrest. The fight is not over, however, as traffickers like Rajan are often very well connected in the community and rarely are convicted. Still, this major arrest and milestone for PRC and Free for Life would not have been possible without Sangita’s strength and passion.

Guna welcomed Sangita home with open arms, overjoyed that his wife was finally safe. Sangita made the choice to stay in her village and begin chicken farming. If the farm is successful, the family hopes to then expand to fish farming to supplement their steady income. Sangita is more motivated than ever to provide Alpa with the life and future she had always desired for her daughter.

Every day, Free for Life is working for the rescue and restoration of girls in Nepal.